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this is me

march 2, 2019


my journey into the art of yoga

I was invited by a sweet local group of teachers that have encouraged each other to share a little personal heart felt yoga bio on a shared platform

a yoga teacher blog tour
featuring teachers of the fraser valley

my journey into the art of yoga

i refer to yoga as an art. I am a goldsmith by trade, the authenticity portrayed in my jewellery is that of a similar recipe emulated in yoga. i move, giggle, embrace and share in a mindful charismatic manner which shines from within this wild big heart of mine

i am 52 years young this year. i began practicing in my mid twenties when yoga was scarce in calgary and only one style was accessible - hard, fast, hot and disciplined. my flavor of yoga has evolved to a sweet, slow, rich movement that holds a taste of discipline garnished with love and emotion

my studies to become a certified yoga teacher in 2010 was merely to enhance my knowledge in my own practice. I use the term ‘become’ loosely as I believe it was a gateway to dig into my own insecurities of this practice. while it has taken me all these years to humbly learn the art of guiding and to find the ability to share this practice safely and confidently, it has also been a daily ritual to gain the strength to teach. I have fears of being on a platform where all eyes trusting me with their most vulnerable self. it has taken a long time to dismantle this feeling and I have learned to use it as fuel to teach thru me rather than for me

taking the seat as a student is a profound honor for honing the skills as a teacher. my studies have since advanced further as a certified yoga therapist, and delved into elements of mythology, philosophy and Ayurveda as i am on a constant mindset to keep sharing my love

as a teacher, I would like to offer one delicate gift: listen. explore your feelings, dissect them, ask them questions, marinate in them and teach from them

♥ xo Olympia

thank you wendy
for offering a passage thru the eyes, heart and
minds of fellow yogis and curious students!

fraser valley yoga teachers unite! #fvyogateachers

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